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Dan mentions a party at Lacy 's, but Kim notices that her mother has called several times and explains that she has to return home. When Jack presses him further, Mason furtively tells him that David Palmer is no friend of CTU and will shut down the agency if he is elected. Jack goes to Jamey Farrell 's station and asks if she would be able to access all the computer passwords associated with a certain phone number. Mandy leaves her seat and stumbles to the rear of the plane, where she suddenly kills one of the flight attendants with a syringe before checking the ID that she stole from Belkin. Janet fills her in on the details: Jack waits for the plane's passenger list.

24 tv show sex scene nina

Kim tells Dan to turn onto her street, but he simply ignores her and continues straight. Dan's van drives away down an abandoned street. Jack insists he's the wrong person for the job, reminding him of an investigation he led that landed three CTU officials in jail for taking bribes, but Walsh turns him down, saying he's the only one he trusts to take this on. Seconds later, the explosive goes off, destroying the plane. He also tells him to stay out of what doesn't concern him. With Nina's help, he goes to a utility closet and conceals a tranquilizer gun inside a binder, then takes it back up the stairs to his office. You think they were the bad guys? David Palmer looks out on the city, lost in thought. Jack suspects Mason is holding information back, and he asks him to call Chappelle and ask for clearance to the information. For the mega-dorks out there, she also played Eowyn in a pair of the Lord of the Rings movies. Jack wakes Mason up and confronts him, telling him that he wants the source on the information he wants or he will forward the bank details to Chappelle. Janet doesn't want to go home yet, but Rick persuades Kim to go with them, promising to drop her off on the way. Sherry tells her husband that she is going to write some thank-you notes. These female characters were strong, intelligent, and in some cases, deadly. Jack admits that he is, but she still has to trust him. Jack waits for the plane's passenger list. When his wife asks him why he's upset, he tells her that the call wasn't important and goes outside, closing the door in her face as she asks him what's wrong. Mason opens a window on Jack's terminal and enters some text, and Jack thanks him, handing him back his briefcase. Jack says maybe, and tells Teri that he will call her back. Jack parks in front of the building and calls Teri to ask about Kim. In the shadows of the giant Petronas Towers, street vendors in a bustling market peddle their wares. He opens a laptop computer and connects to the CTU database, transmitting a file to an agent via satellite. Yep, she was dark and twisted, to say the least. He leaves, but not before promising Jack that he'll live to regret what he's just done. Jack, considering, asks Nina to cover for him while he goes out, but before he can leave, Tony informs him that a plane has just exploded over the Mojave Desert , with preliminary reports pointing to a bomb. While everyone leaves the room, Walsh has Jack stay behind and asks him how things are going. He gives Jack a disk that will get him into secure data but refuses to give a source, claiming that he is not authorized to do so.

24 tv show sex scene nina

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