Arrest beat muslim muslim non police punish remand sex woman

In the s, before the partition of Pakistan and India, women played a central role in the Muslim League's efforts, under the leadership of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, to create a separate Muslim state. While as noted above, Human Rights Watch does not oppose laws founded on religion per se, as long as human rights are upheld, the Hudood laws violate such fundamental human rights and principles. If the evidence falls short of what is required for maximum punishment but the case is still proven, then the accused is sentenced to a lesser class of punishment known as Tazir. We found that between 50 and 80 percent of all female detainees in Pakistan were imprisoned under the Hudood Ordinances, Islamic penal laws introduced in , which in law and in practice discriminate against them. The PPP's failure to secure a majority in the national assembly made it necessary for Bhutto to strike political deals with smaller groups, including the Jama'at-e-Islami, and her campaign promises on women's rights gradually proved empty. Sharif's political rhetoric was reminiscent of the Zia years. However, the police did not register our FIR immediately.

Arrest beat muslim muslim non police punish remand sex woman

The police officers started harassing and threatening me, demanding that I take back my complaint, otherwise they would kill me and my son. Although acquittal rates for women in Hudood cases are estimated at over 30 percent, by the time a woman has been vindicated she will have spent months, and in many cases years, in prison and, in all likelihood, been subjected to police abuse while in custody. The average age of the women and girls victimized by this trafficking is The government says it will review the police system. Its failure to do so will only perpetuate the oppression of women in Pakistan and further diminish the country's stature as a nascent democracy in the eyes of the international community. The recommendations are not addressed. For example, under the original order, the provincial government was to appoint the head of the provincial police service, the provincial police officer PPO , from a list of three people nominated by the federal government in collaboration with the National Public Safety Commissions NPSC. Regardless of its direction, however, clear violations of international law on the rights of women occur daily in Pakistan without an adequate state response. Outside the cities, agricultural services remain the primary industry. Number and Treatment Precise data on the number of women currently in police custody or prison in Pakistan are difficult to obtain. In a surprise move on May 29, , Zia dismissed the government of Prime Minister Junejo and called for national elections to be held within 90 days. We have different techniques: Ambassador Arnold Raphel, was killed in a plane crash, the cause of which has never been determined. Their experience is the subject of the remainder of this report. According to a interview with the Inspector General of prisons, "[m]aybe 50 percent of the women in jail are innocent, but because they are unaware of their rights and are too poor to hire proper legal aid, they are convicted. Between and , Pakistani forces fought a brutal war against Baluch insurgents in which hundreds of civilians were killed, many in indiscriminate air-attacks on Baluch villages. Zia came to power denouncing Bhutto's regime as un-Islamic, and one of his main rallying cries was the return of Pakistani society "to the moral purity of early Islam. Kumar told Human Rights Watch that he would not approach the authorities to hold the police accountable: Finally, my sister-in-law appeared in court to prove that she was alive. Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its implementing covenants and the United Nations Convention Against Torture, the right not to be subjected to such abuse ranks as one of the most fundamental, guaranteed to all persons without distinction of any kind, including discrimination on the basis of gender. I went to the police station and filed a petition in court. For example, political meetings or anything that could be construed as "defamation" of the martial law regime were illegal. The case against me continues to this day and as a result, the police constantly harass me and my family. Furthermore, women are reluctant to report sexual crimes because of widespread misogyny throughout Pakistani society, including in state institutions such as the judiciary. Pervez Musharraf sought to address the increasing breakdown of law and order by establishing a focal group on police reforms, which was to provide recommendations to the government on how to restructure the police.

Arrest beat muslim muslim non police punish remand sex woman

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  1. Thirty-nine women had been remanded there against their will by local courts - including one who had been forced to spend more than two-and-a-half years in custody.

  2. We found that even in cases in which no formal charge is brought against a woman, judges often suspect that if she was abducted or raped she must have been behaving inappropriately to begin with and was in some way complicit in the offense.

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