Bioethical issues sex selection of babies

Ethical considerations of assisted reproductive technologies: Although according to reports form children born from PGD, because of removing one or two embryonic cells, are not at increased risk of fetal abnormalities and complications. Islam is not a strict religion and is quite flexible according to de novo circumstances, different conditions and places. In order to ensure that offspring do not have this condition, some women at risk of transmitting haemophilia choose not to transfer male embryos following IVF. In fact selecting the gender of a child before birth is controversial, because as it is pointed out in human rights, racial preference is strongly prohibited, so can be gender preference considered an approved decision, as it is in favor of a gender over another, while diminishing the opposite sex's value in society. Islamic perspectives of ethical issues in ART.

Bioethical issues sex selection of babies

Reproductive outcomes after in-vitro fertilization. Clinical experience with flow cytometric separation of human X-and Y-chromosome bearing sperm. Cycles from January to December with pregnancy follow-up to October Low and very low birth weight in infants conceived with use of assisted reproductive technology. Children born from IVF single or multiple pregnancy are at increased risk complications and birth defects in comparison with children born from normal pregnancy such as low birth weight LBW. Ethical and legal aspects. Scientific aspects of preconception gender selection. Proceedings of 11 th I AS conference on biotechnology and genetic engineering for development in Islamic word. Sex selection and the law In most societies, where sons are preferred for cultural and economic reasons, the preference for male offspring can manifest in a number of ways ranging from differential allocation of household resources and medical care, to neglect of female offspring and female infanticide. All the original papers, review articles and abstracts were searched and 75 articles were found. This method is most used in male infertility,[ 20 , 21 ] PCR and Fluorescent in situ hybridization are most commonly used methods for genetic evaluation of embryo in PGD. In Islamic religion equity of human beings despite differences in skin color and other general physical properties is emphasized. An aid to couples or a threat to humanity? In order to ensure that offspring do not have this condition, some women at risk of transmitting haemophilia choose not to transfer male embryos following IVF. After letting the resulting embryos grow for a few days, the doctor looks at them under the microscope and implants one or more of the embryos that appear to be most viable in the woman. One type of more general screening, known as pre-implantation genetic screening or PGS, involves taking one cell from the embryo and looking at its chromosomes. In this review, there is a brief overview of the ethics in PGD and point of view of Islam about sex selection. There are concerns, particularly in some Asian countries, about societies valuing boys more than girls, "but to some extent this could be a cultural stereotype," said Brendan Foht, assistant editor of The New Atlantic , a journal that publishes articles by experts and the general public on bioethical issues. It's not like they think one sex is better than the other, but they think, 'Wouldn't it be nice to have a child of this gender? This kind of thinking sometimes happens if, for example, a couple already has three boys and wants to try for a girl, a concept sometimes called "family balancing. These postimplantation methods of sex determination, followed by abortion between eight and twenty weeks gestation, represent the most commonly used methods of sex selection. Currently federal law requires fertility clinics to report their success rates, but other aspects, such as clients' reasons for using assisted reproductive technology or why they decided to have screening done, are not included in the data reporting. But many consider it unethical because they believe an embryo is a human being and according to ethical obligations should be safe from life threatening and malicious attempts. In Islam every effort for racial optimization and sex discrimination is prohibited. Background Ethics in sex preference Since last fifty years, consideration of ethics in research has become an important issue. The rites and religions, were different and had legal perspectives and opinions about PGD.

Bioethical issues sex selection of babies

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Is It Ethical for Parents to Choose Their Child's Sex?

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  1. Middle East Fertil Soc J, ;5: A number of countries, including the United Kingdom and Canada, have placed bans on sex selection for "social uses," as opposed to when it is used to avoid the risk of sex-linked diseases, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which primarily affects boys.

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