Female reproductive sex unprotected after period

The dark color is due to the blood having to travel from the uterus, to the cervix, and eventually reaching the vagina. One gets Gonorrhea after having unprotected intercourse by coming into contact with fluids of a patient. Another cause for cramping after intercourse could be pelvic inflammatory disease, or PID. Discharge is usually whitish after sex. A woman may experience these types of convulsions in association with pre-menstrual syndrome, menstruation, labor, or even implantation of a fertilized egg in very earliest stages of pregnancy.

Female reproductive sex unprotected after period

Towards the end of the ovulation period, the earlier stretchy mucus is now dry and usually thicker. Identifying and controlling chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypothyroidism increases fertility prospects. During ovulation, an egg white cervical mucus is secreted signalling the start of ovulation and also to help assist the sperm travel to the egg for fertilization during intercourse. Other birth control pills can cause the same, and this will give a brown discharge after sex. Excessive exercise, consumption of caffeine and alcohol , and smoking have all been associated with decreased fertility. It is important to keep healthy and hygienic practices always. When does brown discharge appear? These abnormal processes usually result in cramping or abdominal pain after intercourse. And this is nothing but menses, and you take it as brown gooey discharge. It causes yellow discharge after sex. They can appear for a variety of reasons. It is for the smooth sexual act and may continue even after that. Color pink can be anything unusual other red. Too much use of drugs and medications can cause allergic reaction in the vagina. This disease occurs, when some cells of the endometrium tissue start to grow in other places outside of the uterus. It is pink because of the presence of blood in it. If you have problems curing any infection that it is making it difficult for you to conceive and have children of your own or causing you discomfort. The Fallopian Tubes also have inflammation painful swelling , and thus it can potentially make you infertile if left untreated. It is common to notice a green discharge or bleeding after sex or possibly experience a free flow of discharge after sex. Some women may not experience implantation bleeding and cramping at all or at least not notice it , while others may see anything from a spot or two of blood, to slight spotting that may last for a period of up to two days. White discharge after sex White discharge is normal, and it also occurs on a day to day basis. If your post-coital discharge was pink, there is nothing to worry about. The other symptoms such as a headache, pain, itching, cervical infections, swelling of lymph nodes and fever accompany yellow discharge after sex. The different types of post-coital discharges are below. Many women have questions as to why this cramping has occurred. Unhealthy discharges are very common especially when a woman has infections or damage to the vagina.

Female reproductive sex unprotected after period

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  1. This may cause a very mild bleeding which is lighter than a regular menstrual period, but may appear darker in color.

  2. The practice is primarily focused on helping their women to conceive and to correct any issues related to recurring pregnancy loss.

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