First time watching wife have sex

Leaning back against the wall, I look down at the pretty brunette kneeling in front of me, with her mouth open, ready for my cock…. We have tried many things including car sex, sex in the kitchen, bathroom sex, etc. I ask her if it turns her on to have a stranger ask her to suck his cock, and she nods… I push my hand down her pants to touch her pussy, which is soaking wet and so hot….. I live in Kiev, Ukraine in an apartment with my husband. Me and my new friend move a little to the side, and my wife sees us and winks, as she extends her tongue and flicks it lightly over the tip of his cock…. I could not take it any longer and pleaded him:

First time watching wife have sex

Seeing another woman sucking her husband, my wife moans her approval. When he was done, both of them collapsed in pleasure. I felt I needed that thing in my mouth and knelt to give him a blowjob. She sucks on his cock again and strokes it with her hand, looking up at me, then him, telling him to please cum for her…. She called across to me and asked: We had decided that the next day we would meet again in our house and bring our plan to reality. I look over at my wife, and from this angle I can see her pretty face and mouth open for his cock, sliding it in and out of her lips…. After some moments he was breathing down my cleavage. Taras was sitting beside me and holding my right hand while dining. Taras on the other hand, kissed my thighs. My wife pulld back from his cock, letting it slide out of her mouth, caressing his hot, wet cock with her hand as she leaned back to admire it…. June 12th, at 5: Grasping my cock through my pants she tells me that she will ask me the same thing she asked him: I came in his mouth and he licked my juices. He is so impatient and he is already prepared! That night was a something to remember. Then we danced with our swapped partners for a while and then sat to a dinner. I asked him what had gotten into him. They both blew their loads in our mouths and we swallowed it all up. Marina also shouted back asking him to cum more! He was so caught up in the idea that he actually turned off the TV and we discussed it for some more. All of us exchanged sweet kisses and had a break to get a drink. I purred in satisfaction and he proceeded to kiss my naked belly and navel. I watch as she grasps it with both hands, slowly pumping it, staring at it. Then he kissed my navel again, tenderly at first, then furiously and hungrily. He was feeling my smooth legs.

First time watching wife have sex

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