Having mononucleosis and giving oral sex

Restricting oral fluids could cause the oral mucous membranes to dry, permitting the entry of microorganisms into the body. Droplet spread is usually limited to 3 feet or less. These medications are not sulfa antibiotics and can safely be provided to the patient. A, B, C Direct transmission occurs through droplet spray into the eyes or mucous membranes during sneezing, coughing, spitting, singing, or talking. EBV loves being in these organs because mercury, dioxins, and other toxins are likely to accumulate there. Constipation is not a manifestation of a gastrointestinal tract infection. A cap, gown, or shoe covers may be worn as needed. HEPA respirators filter the tiniest particles from the air, unlike surgical masks, which can allow such particles to pass into the respiratory system of a host.

Having mononucleosis and giving oral sex

Use of cough etiquette b. A Cultures are a priority to obtain before giving anti-infectives so the results are not altered by the medication. A Standard precautions are used in the care of all patients. These precautions require one to assume that all patients are infectious regardless of their diagnosis. A Surgical asepsis sterile technique refers to an item or area that is free of all microorganisms and spores. HEPA filtration is not required, because herpes simplex is not an airborne illness. From this point on, when a doctor tests for Epstein-Barr, she or he will find antibodies and take these to indicate a past infection, when EBV was in its monophase. Giving the antibiotic with food depends on the specific medication. This is the power of your immune system coming to your defense. Airborne transmission occurs from organisms inhaled or deposited on the mucous membrane of a susceptible host. A one-size-fits-all respiratory mask is not adequate when caring for a patient with tuberculosis. Initiates destruction of the antigen c. Candida albicans is a fungus. A mask does not need to be worn for cellulitis, diphtheria, or clostridium difficile. If you physically exhaust yourself for weeks and give yourself no chance to fully recover, or undergo a traumatic emotional experience such as a breakup or the death of a loved one, the virus will detect your stress-related hormones and choose that time to take advantage. Explain that gastric distress is common but not a reason to stop the drug. Checking the patients temperature and documenting the appearance of the wound do not need to be done before administering medication. Droplet transmission is a spray into the eyes or mucous membranes during sneezing, coughing, spitting, singing, or talking. The patient will not have bacterial serum or urinary concentration. Neutralizes toxins released by bacteria d. Exercise should be guided by the health care provider when the acute phase is over, based on patient tolerance. Afterward, she may feel various symptoms, including fatigue, aches, and pains, and depression. I also had horrible painful spots on the roof of my mouth, again I would just assume it was a canker sore flare when I was stressed , EBV never crossed my mind! Health Promotion and Maintenance Cognitive Level: Trichomoniasis Trichomonas vaginalis is caused by protozoa. This waste matter is often identified as spirochetes, which can trigger false positives on tests such as Lyme titers screening tests for Lyme disease and lead to a false diagnosis of Lyme.

Having mononucleosis and giving oral sex

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  1. Daily weights indicate fluid and nutritional status but are not the priority for this patient because there is no indication of an increased risk for dehydration, fluid overload, or malnutrition. A cap, gown, or shoe covers may be worn as needed.

  2. For droplet precautions, the distance is 3 feet so the students should be instructed to move at least 3 feet away from another person when sneezing.

  3. C The nurse should instruct the students to wash hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds especially after blowing the nose.

  4. A, C, and D are not directly linked to the respiratory system and therefore are not the most significant finding. When a cell of the virus dies—which happens often, as the cells have a six-week life cycle—the corpse that is left behind is itself toxic and so further poisons your body.

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