Hole in oral sex trailer wall

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Hole in oral sex trailer wall

When we had finished our sexual episode in the booth Jake left to wash up. I quickly put it back into my mouth to savor the remaining spunk. Since I had started living with my brother, I had experienced sexual things I had only dreamed about. Got to go now, youngen. I kept licking and savoring his semi hard dick until it started to get hard again. Sorry I have to rush but my other driver is waiting in the truck. I have to get some rest so I can head out tomorrow. Now my brother, Tommy is using me and fucking my ass. I gagged and could hardly breathe, but managed to get control and started sucking and loving his cock and balls. I was to give Jake a blow job so he could try out my action and spread the word to the other men. The truckers name was Jake. You think you can take my baby maker up you firm round ass later on? Your warm mouth feels real good, real good! The Truck Stop Part 1 from 2 Author: This dude really enjoyed cumming. He was semi-cut and when he got hard the foreskin eased back over a big tulip shaped head. I let my older brother use me sexually and share me with a few other men because I love sex and I love my older brother. He moaned and gasped over and over again until I drained his beautiful manhood. Now only was he hung, he was cute as a button. I like being submissive and used by men and now Tommy often called me his cock sucking, cum dump, pussy boy. After about the 5th time he was about to cum, I took his cock as far down my throat as I could, and let him pump his big load into my welcome mouth. I got down on my knees next to the hole while he placed the head of his cock to the hole, waiting for me to put it to my lips. He was an average clean cut married man about 45 with a good build and showed a nice bulge in his kaki work pants. I shoot a big load. He trembled one more time before pulling away from my mouth. Now Tommy wanted to take me to the local Truck Stop and trade me off to a few chosen hot trucker friends and other men. Suck it like a new born calf.

Hole in oral sex trailer wall

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  1. He shot so much cum out of his prick that it run down my chin and onto his balls and my hand.

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