I got drunk and had sex

When the victim is incapable of giving consent because of mental deficiency or disease, or when the victim is incapable of giving consent because of the effect of any alcoholic liquor, narcotic, drug, or any other substance, which condition was known by the offender or was reasonably apparent to the offender. They can take any evidence there that might be left and then you'll have what you need to be able to press charges if you decide that is something you want to do. You probably don't give these a lot of thought on the way to bed, unfortunately, but things like self-esteem, reputation, and emotional stability will become very important when all is said and done. You can't count on someone to be looking out for you who is too plastered to see straight, nor can anyone count on you. Had you gone into the police or the hospital right away, they could have looked for traces of semen or abrasions to your vulva , but even if something had happened, those things are not always present or something a person can find or assure. If you're too drunk to listen and respect a person trying to say "No".

I got drunk and had sex

When the victim is overcome by force or fear; B. When you drink to make things easier, things usually get more difficult. Your brain is sleeping, but your hormones are jumping! The truth is that even encounters which seem "casual" can have long-term considerations. Certainly, that may be true, but our main point is that the issue of alcohol use and decisions about sex can no longer be ignored. Don't let your interpretations of body language take the place of true understanding of a person's intentions and limits. One of the keys to making sure that you are doing okay is to do an on-going evaluation of your behavior: But bigger than the legal issues are the issues it presents to your physical health, your well-being and your safety. Body Language Don't make assumptions about this. Even if you think you would never in a thousand years force sex on a person, you might lose control if you have been drinking. All of us - men and women - want it to be great, meaningful, intense, and all those other adjectives that make fantasies fantastic. That's probably at home, with your folks, or if not that, only in a place where you know everyone with you and know that all of those people have your back: Until you find the right person and the right time, don't let alcohol talk you into accepting anything less. As well, when people are drunk, they tend to skip things like safer sex and birth control , get engaged in sex or keep company with people who just aren't safe or sound. Your chances of achieving sex you can feel right about are heightened if you avoid letting alcohol or other drugs be your guide. I guess I must have had more than a couple of beers. But this one guy I knew got in bed with me too and I remember we did some stuff and he tried having sex with me. Or, you can make sure that if you're going out drinking, that you have a friend where you both set a sound drink limit for each other -- like just a drink or two at a maximum -- help one another remember it, and get each other home, where you can go to sleep in a place that is safe for being asleep in. Realize your motives for drinking, and be cautious about using alcohol when you are frustrated, depressed, hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. The fastest growing group of individuals infected with HIV are heterosexuals. Inhibitions break down and magically everyone seems more available with a buzz on. When the victim is unconscious or physically powerless; or C. And many make choices about alcohol that don't jeopardize those things they find important: When she showed an interest in me, I was thrilled. Are you getting positive results? Many people have found a way to make their decisions about alcohol and sex a positive aspect of their college experience.

I got drunk and had sex

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Drunk Sexual Adventures Go Too Far!

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  1. So you're back where you started from. And many make choices about alcohol that don't jeopardize those things they find important:

  2. The "heat of the moment" becomes your worst enemy. When you drink, you begin thinking in the short-term.

  3. When it comes to sex, guess work can get you into all kinds of trouble. So you're back where you started from.

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