I had sex one week before period and am pregnant

You are not alone if either of these is one of your questions. No, it is possible to get pregnant. And remember, cycle lengths vary from cycle to cycle and woman to woman. An egg isn't technically released during this phase but you'll want to step up your sexual routine in the event that you ovulate earlier than planned. The question about whether you can get pregnant on your period or not is probably the most common of the three situations noted above. The probabilities of getting pregnant while on your period are low, but the possibilities are there. This is because the signs of pregnancy vary so much in each individual pregnancy. You are fertile on the days leading up to and around the time of ovulation — due to the lifespan of sperm — and if you have a short cycle you could be ovulating just after your period. Similarly, many people ask can you get pregnant right after your period or is it possible to get pregnant right before your period.

I had sex one week before period and am pregnant

While regular sex obviously gives people better odds of conceiving, as with everything in life, quality is better than quantity. The second half of the cycle is called the luteal phase, which is commonly referred to as the 2 week wait since, on average, it is about 2 weeks after ovulation that your next period is due to start. You could have sex towards the end of your bleeding and then actually conceive 4 or 5 days later with your early ovulation. Unless this time matches with the week before her period, fertilization cannot happen. This would mean that the days right before your period are the safest for having sex without the expectation of getting pregnant. So, can you get pregnant while on your period? No, it is possible to get pregnant. Data show that having every-other-day sex is just as effective as doing it every day, so no need to go crazy getting busy every hour unless you really want to! It is measured near the halfway mark of the length of the period and is counted for a day period. So the 'day 14' rule is a 'textbook truth' — for those women whose cycles match the textbook idea of 28 days every time! However, there are exceptions. The vast majority of couples who are trying to conceive do so within a year, with only about half achieving their goal by 6 months. Giving men recovery time as well as making the act seem like less of a mechanical necessity or chore. Unless you're a very early ovulator the average timing for ovulation is 14 days before the start of your period—track yours by using a basal body temperature chart or an ovulation predictor kit , there's little chance your man's sperm will actually have any eggs to work with during this phase of your cycle. Of course, your chances of conceiving right after your period increase with each day after your bleeding has stopped. The probability is that you would not get pregnant having sex during your period. This might be right after a period if bleeding last for 5 -7 days. Some women ovulate early in their cycle and have longer luteal phases, while others ovulate later in their cycle and have shortened luteal phases. If you forget to take any of the pills, the effectiveness of the pill as a contraceptive will be reduced. Test yours by sticking your index finger and thumb in your vagina to get a sample, then tapping your finger and thumb together. There is a fall in fertility after the age of 35 and a sharp fall after that. Timing Of Seeking Medical Attention: In that case, unless she is ovulating in that week, it is highly unlikely that sex that takes place during that week will lead to conception. If you have sex during your period you can't get pregnant. The prime reproductive age of humans has been found to be the 20s to the 30s. June 12, at 9:

I had sex one week before period and am pregnant

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I had sex, and spotted blood 6 days before my period. Am I pregnant?

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