Im having sex with my boss

Three women spill all about their secret work affairs. We'd been working together for about a year when, at an out-of-town conference, David started rubbing the small of my back as we sat alone at a bar. He and I still talk, and he helped me look for my next job. We ended up in bed. Soon after, he let it slip to co-workers that we are a couple.

Im having sex with my boss

Nobody at work had a clue-though we did have some close calls. For three months, all we did was talk. At work, nothing changed. It was so awkward for the first couple of months because I directly report to him and we have meetings once a week—just us. We started going out weekly and talking about everything under the sun. But is it ever okay to hook up with your boss? I was 35, he was a couple of years older, and we were both married. She never wrote back, though David later said they're trying to work it out. To discourage suspicion in the office, he'd often disagree with me during discussions among co-workers. So even with the pain and with the pain and drama, my life changed for the better. Don't address rumours, and let them just die away until the next scandal hits the gossip chain. We made each other laugh and before we knew it our one-hour lunch lasted three. My marriage had never been great, but at that point, my husband and I hadn't had sex for two years. Craving intimacy, I flirted with David, figuring that, with both of us being married, there would be no complications. We kept it secret, although our company didn't forbid it; we felt co-workers would think I was being favoured. I lost 60 pounds, was promoted twice, and was the most creative I'd ever been. Dancing at your office Christmas Party with Amrita Hepi0: We were both single. There were gasps, but some people said they knew all along. Though leaving our spouses was never on the table, in part due to his kids, that was okay; it even made him more attractive. And if you two have found love between the Xerox machine and shared kitchen? He and I still talk, and he helped me look for my next job. It was a drunken mess, and we both woke up the next morning embarrassed. We ended up in bed. I think he'll be a great husband.

Im having sex with my boss

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