Man cant handle woman during sex

You never let him take breaks between orgasms. Find our mate, sleep with them, get pregnant by them, stay with them. Their grandmothers are women. They think women cannot say no to their proposal or be disinterested in them, with especially disastrous results in a society in transition, like India, where regressive patriarchal ideas are clashing with modern reality on a daily basis. We wanted the sex, we got the sex, well done all.

Man cant handle woman during sex

They start thinking about the fact that you, their booty call, is out at a bar flirting with other men. Think about this and keep him satisfied otherwise you may lose him to other women out there. We all have a biological inclination to belong — to a family, a peer group, a community, society at large. A mix of them all, maybe? At the dinner table, the best portion is reserved for the father or son. Corbis Images They become biologically protective Men are truly biologically predisposed to be protective of the women they have sex with. Shutterstock They want you to want more Men, subconsciously, want the women they sleep with to want more than just sex. You refuse to let go of control. He could be insecure and would want to keep reassuring himself that his woman is always totally satisfied to reduce the risk of them straying which is often a futile argument. Makes some kind of sense, but, really? You go straight for his dick. Shutterstock They get jealous Men get very jealous. If you push him away sexually, he might seek it elsewhere. Would you be happy if your husband started dating other women for sexual satisfaction? Finally it could also have something to do with age because men and women reach their sexual peaks at different ages and for men, this remains relatively standard especially through mid-life. Being too aggressive can be a discreet problem, but a huge problem nonetheless. You are lucky your man would rather force you than look for it elsewhere. Unless you are sick, you must be getting your satisfaction from elsewhere. Find more must-read sex and dating tips! Once such an image is set, it puts the man under extreme duress to conform to that standard. His disturbing Facebook post showed his murderous rage was a result of being sexually rejected by women. Compromise has always been a pillar in many marriages and yours is not a different case and therefore, you must accept to play by him possibly unless you are sick or very tired that he can even see it in your face. Counsellor's take This is not an entirely bad situation as it is even though you may need to ask yourself a few questions which may include among others; i Has it always been like this or is this a recent development; ii Is he under some form of pressure; iii When you eventually get to do it, how would you rate the quality, and iv It would be good to take note of your ages yours and his. I can go for weeks or months without even thinking about it. The same applies when they are pursuing women later in life. For many years, my husband and I have fought over this because he always wants to have sex.

Man cant handle woman during sex

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