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He's been saved by Connie, Annie, Marco, and thrice by Armin. Rin probably personifies this trope more then any other character in the series, though this makes sense as a normal small child with no fighting skills who travels with a demon lord who has many powerful enemies. Pikachu often gets himself caught in Team Rocket's traps. He's briefly kidnapped by Torso , and rescued by his comrades — experiencing major feelings of doubt over his Non-Action Guy status. Considering how most of the kidnappings were all just random encounters, you wonder why she wasn't more concerned with separating from them.

Mario and princes peach sex video

Haguro tries to invoke this trope with Ryuuko, but she points out that Inugami isn't interested in her. This reaches a new level of absurdity when Italy needs rescuing from falling into a pit dug by "that jackass Britain". R , where nobody even considers grabbing the kid. After she gets hit with it, she's very likely to pull a She's Back and recover soon. In the Filler Bount arc, Ishida was whacked with the Distress Ball due to his temporary power drain and ended up this way. His tendency to need rescuing, though, is pretty constant. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Extreme Doormat due to his lack of a heart, with Chronic Hero Syndrome thanks to the nature of the story he came from, and a Dark Magical Girlfriend? Ichigo also seemed to get restrained a lot in the beginning of the series. Not that that's hard given his original counterpart was pretty much a complete wuss compared to Saiyuki's loud, violent, arrogant, chain smoking, gambling, foul mouthed, violent version who on average threatens to kill his companions at least twice a chapter. Played straight in the Chapter 2 where Hibiki eventually rescues Kosukegawa. Mokuba Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! In the Scottish version sung by Maddy Prior and June Tabor as the Silly Sisters , she doesn't merely plead— she brings all the fighting men of Clan Gordon ready for action, to make sure the King listens. A Gardevoir actually serves as the damsel in the episode where Hunter J makes her first appearance. In the sequel, this role seems to have fallen to Mutsuki. Many fans wish she had died like in the books. Nami is normally rescued by the three strongest males on the crew Luffy, Zoro and Sanji frequently and only learned how to defend herself in the Alabasta arc where she given a weapon by Usopp a storm summoning lighting rod called "Clima tact" turning her into a fighter, but she continues to be kidnapped anyway, turning her into a Faux Action Girl at best. Getafix the druid is sometimes captured by the Romans or Goths, because they want his Super Serum potion. He gets captured by youkai and the Matoba clan on more than one occasion. Except that his younger brother Luffy is the one rescuing him, not a girl. To save her, they end up north, near Briggs, and enlist the unlikely help of Scar, the man who'd murdered her parents, by pretending to have him kidnap her. This is not as ridiculous as it sounds, as they act as judges for aspiring heroes trying to get their license, specifically by assessing their capability on crisis control and lifesaving techniques. Naru Osaka of Sailor Moon needs to be saved from a Monster of the Week attack fairly regularly, to the point where it gets frequently lampshaded in Fan Fiction. The main characters do rescue her and she becomes a recurring character in the show and even is in one of the movies. Muramasa led the shinigami to believe he had captured Yamamoto so that Ichigo would use his full power to break the barrier. Green Lantern has been full of this since the dawn of time, but special mention goes to the New 52 run that, thus far, has been chock full of our two leads getting captured by the Sinestro Corps, Indigo Tribe

Mario and princes peach sex video

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  1. That said, she does have some steel in her even if she can do little to fight back. While said Game Master has had months to wear her down and use his admin privileges to stop any plot she devises, the contrast between her hardcore persona in the first arc and the helpless damsel in the second was taken poorly by some fans.

  2. In Moka's case, it's actually both this and Badass in Distress , depending on which of her personalities we're talking about. Doesn't stop him from being a badass, though.

  3. Yuuen from Wild Rock is small, weak, and looks like a girl, and basically helpless against most giant prehistoric animals. Muramasa led the shinigami to believe he had captured Yamamoto so that Ichigo would use his full power to break the barrier.

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