My wife as a sex slave

She will ride me hard like this until she has had as many orgasms as she wants. In contrast, my wife has multiple orgasms on a regular basis, usually every day or every-other day. She will sometimes place a ball stretcher on me as well, if the mood strikes her. When my wife allows me to engage in sexual acts with her, it is only for her pleasure, and she continually reminds me of this. She tells me that "my" cock is really hers, and she decides how and when it is used, and I love her for it. She will spread her legs, so that I may look at her beautiful pussy, and she will order me to masturbate the only time I am ever allowed to do this. She feels that it is not a dignified act for an owner to perform on a slave.

My wife as a sex slave

She always reminds me what a honor this is for me, and she is right. That's only one possibility. Mistress then quickly locks me back in my cock cage. Although Mistress likes to tease me with actual stimulation to my cock, she also says that sexual stimulation is a treat even without orgasm and must be given to me sparingly. There are different ways she will allow this. In reality, it is much easier to perform for her when she denies my cock an erection, and denies it access to her pussy. She is my Mistress and her pleasure is all that matters. Firstly, Mistress considers this my way of repaying her for the kindness of taking the time to milk me and allowing me a release. Between her orgasms, she will often mix things up by making me eat her well-oiled and beautifully shaved cunt. Mistress almost never uses her mouth on my cock. It usually will only take a few pumps at this point until I spill my load. She has just fucked you for the last hour, and your throbbing cock is covered in her slick juices. So, I will usually either be required to put on my strap-on my cock stays in it's cage underneath the belt, along with the butt plug in my ass , or my head-harness with a dildo protruding from just below my nose. Mistress had me give her an enema prior to our sex session and you guessed it I was required to come by fucking her ass and immediately after even before the pleasure of my orgasm had subsided she sat on my face and I was required to eat my seed as it leaked out of her open asshole. You might think that this is a treat, and you are partially right. In contrast, my wife has multiple orgasms on a regular basis, usually every day or every-other day. I am usually not allowed the honor of having both an erection and a milking at the same time, because I am her slut, and Mistress says that having an erection and spilling my seed is a bit too manly for me however, there are rare occasions when she will allow it. But, like everything else, there are sometimes exceptions. When Mistress allows me such an honor, she will sometimes follow it up with immediate punishment, like a good paddling, just so that I do not take it for granted. She occasionally allows me these pleasures of smelling, tasting or touching her because she is a kind and wonderful Mistress, and I love her all the more for it. If I still have a hard-on after cleaning up which often is the case , she usually handles this in one of two ways. My pleasure and orgasms are very special treats. I usually go weeks between releases but, I have gone as long as 3 months , which can be an orgasm rarely , but more commonly is just a milking. She tells me that "my" cock is really hers, and she decides how and when it is used, and I love her for it. I cannot earn them, she can only give them.

My wife as a sex slave

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  1. Once she told me that I could come in her pussy, but before I did, she told me that I would be required to eat all of my come out of her immediately after orgasm. She tells me that "my" cock is really hers, and she decides how and when it is used, and I love her for it.

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