Obamas stand on same sex marraige

Hide Caption 8 of 34 Photos: She backed her husband's Defense of Marriage Act in , described marriage between a man and a woman as a "fundamental bedrock principle" in a Senate floor speech, and dodged the question when asked in whether she agreed with Gen. His journey is not unlike the rest of America. He'd campaigned as a "fierce advocate" for gay rights but disappointed some activists early on. Hide Caption 1 of 34 Photos: I am not a supporter of gay marriage as it has been thrown about, primarily just as a strategic issue. That that was something that would give people hospital visitation rights and other elements that we take for granted. The justices' ruling legalized it nationwide.

Obamas stand on same sex marraige

Now, for me as a Christian — for me — for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. But as secretary of state, Clinton emerged as a champion of gay rights, declaring that "gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights," at a conference in Geneva. Our culture, our societies don't accept. This week, the president said he thinks same-sex couples should be able to get married. Hide Caption 11 of 34 Photos: Hide Caption 12 of 34 Photos: Hide Caption 4 of 34 Photos: While the president has consistently supported civil rights for gay couples — peppering his comments with specifics such as hospital visitation, transfer of property and Social Security benefits — his discussion of marriage has differed. But out on the presidential campaign trail in August , Obama gave voice to the opposite view in an interview with evangelical pastor Rick Warren, head of Saddleback megachurch in southern California. For Obama, historic return to Kenya comes after long wait "The fact of the matter is Kenya and the U. He had written on the questionnaire, "I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages. When I think about members of my own staff who are incredibly committed, in monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together. Hide Caption 10 of 34 Photos: Entrepreneurship sparks ingenuity We stand with you. Peter Pace, then the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, that homosexuality was immoral. Hide Caption 13 of 34 Photos: His journey is not unlike the rest of America. The visit follows a brief trip to Kenya, Obama's first visit to his father's homeland as commander in chief. On issues from immigration to racially charged police violence to the decriminalization of marijuana , activists have voiced frustration at a perceived double-dealing by the president on the issues they hold most dear, and fatigue with repeated White House requests for patience. On support for gay marriage. Many of the president's early critics have come around to that point of view. The presidential candidate was so frustrated, in fact, that after one event in which he had to say he was against same-sex marriage, Obama complained: Still, gay rights advocates hold him up as one of their biggest political advocates. He'd campaigned as a "fierce advocate" for gay rights but disappointed some activists early on. And I was sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people, you know, the word marriage was something that evokes very powerful traditions, religious beliefs, and so forth.

Obamas stand on same sex marraige

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CNN: Obama's 'evolving' position on same-sex marriage

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