Opposite sex friendships outside of marriage

Just one tap on the table. This is really helpful for I think listeners to process, because I think many of them will deal with this. Philosophically, I can sign off on that. You and I, here's where we disagree, because I would say, "Don't go to the art gallery. I think we can agree on, there are certain boundaries that can never be crossed. We'll see you next week. In the context, even in a public setting. Yeah, and that's good because you have to have that type of communication. And they're reserved only for that marital relationship.

Opposite sex friendships outside of marriage

By the way, if I saw one of those wives And that's where we're searching our hearts, and asking this other person, is this maybe her issue or a trust issue, and or, is this something that she's picking up that maybe I'm blind too? But I think that would apply to the corporate project like, "Man, you guys are spending a lot of time together on this project. Does that make sense? So we are saying there are clear, I would say emotional, spiritual, physical boundaries, even inside jokes can actually create an intimacy between two people. Just one tap on the table. So any context it happened, how do you know that Is making sure that we maintain and keep not only this communication together as couples, but also that when we do, when there is uncomfortableness, we search our hearts and then we do reiterate and reestablish boundaries that encourage and show the other person, "Listen, I'm committed to you. This does not mean that outside friendships must cease, but it does mean that any intimacy shared must have well-defined boundaries. Let's put it in the different category and work the problem from a totally different angle. For me, it begins to say that my emotional connection, these bridges that I start to make with somebody Let's take it out of the classroom though, and you have two friends, two different couples, and they have an interest in art. There are certain emotional levels and boundaries that I'm advocating for and that I think you are too that stay very strong that is, they're identified. Hey, before we close, can you just admit for the listeners that I was right? We joke with each other and it's great, it's fun. There's maybe an openness in some respects, in practicality, those boundaries are pretty strong. Here's where I think some of the people that I've debated this issue with I think have a point. They did this with Facebook recently just to update the studies, but it's something that's been found for a long time. Let's try this, let's ask and let's dive into the heart of this. We're not sitting there holding hands, but I might give her a hug every time I see her before class maybe if she's a good friend. It doesn't bring up much trust, but you just said that Noreen would really kind of maybe struggle and go, "U-uh, u-uh. We also should mention that there's not complete agreement on this topic. Listen to this interesting study. Laughter I would say is a huge part of this marriage group. I think maybe this comes down to identifying what a friendship and what kind of friendship and the level of the friend. That is, any time I'm trying to explore something emotionally with somebody, having an inside laugh, having a joke, doing something outside which, I'm building a relationship with somebody is the beginning of an emotional connection that's probably normal and okay in some people's eyes.

Opposite sex friendships outside of marriage

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  1. I'm trying to draw a parallel to say, "Okay, let's see if we can extend that into the spiritual realm or into the physical realm.

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