Rough sex in the workplace stories

Both of us have high regard for Kishore and address him as Kishore bhai elder brother. I saw that the bed sheet was decorated with flowers, the way it is decorated for the first-night after wedding. Then I can understand what is in store for my husband, right? However, that happiness was short-lived. I could sense, though, that somebody was in the bedroom. I could only feel jealous as her pink lips took one of his pitch back testicles into her mouth. That evening, Kishore bhai arrived much earlier in order to setup the place before others arrived.

Rough sex in the workplace stories

We stay alone in our 2BHK row house that I have inherited from my parents. I hatched a plan to spy on them next morning. I saw that the bed sheet was decorated with flowers, the way it is decorated for the first-night after wedding. The more I thought of it, the more I was convinced that the taste and smell were remnants of recent session she had with somebody. Every time he drove his penis into her I could hear her gasp that got muffled in their kiss. She had already showered and was now wearing a saree at 4: I had successfully experimented with it a few times earlier. She was having some difficulty in unfastening the button because of his huge potbelly but with the help of Kishore bhai, she quickly opened the zipper. He always leaves an hour earlier. She gently suckled and then moved onto other and completely soaked them with her saliva. We are not well to do financially so she had to work, anyway. He just looked into her eyes and returned her smile. I could see my wife moaning as he was trying to penetrate her as much as he could. With the increased tempo she had become more vocal. Her sphincter muscles seemed to have succumbed to his invading member. My wife is 7 months pregnant now and her affair with father of our kid is still continuing. I usually returned home by 5: She gasped in pain and pleasure as this happened. She was watching excitedly as he pressed his cock downward pointing to her bum hole. He decided to increase his tempo and was now humping her hard. When Kishore bhai got it all in he sighed! He took another 10 minutes to cum in her. Kishore was brought in from another location to fill in the void. He was lying on his back and she was sleeping next to him sucking on his cock. So we never closed our bedroom windows as the bedroom was the on the backside. Let me first explain how it all started. I told my wife that I would be heading to neighboring village next morning for some important work, directly from work.

Rough sex in the workplace stories

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