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One explanation, which I pursue as a coda to the following, is that, in the lead-up to the Bei jing Olympics in , the PRC government was espe- cially sensitive to anything that might be considered threatening to its moral authority and social legitimacy. Without them, a lot of the film's emotional underpinning goes away. There are numerous scenes in which more information is conveyed by reading how the characters act and move than by listening to what they say. But when Wang becomes his lover, complications in the form of unwanted emotional entanglements threaten the operation. When they're naked and thrusting and contorting their bodies and faces, that's when we see their real interaction. And both women have affairs with highly placed enemy officials, then become conflicted as a result of unexpected feelings they develop for those men.

In , Nan jing was deserted by Chiang Kaishek, and infamously sacked by the Japanese army, at a time when Shanghai had already been occupied, in a passage of despair for Chinese people. Its haunting fascination is hard to deny. The goal appears to be to create an aura of mystery about the sex scenes. Part of that explanation is located in the current return to neo- Confucianism in Chinese intellectual thought. It's three years before Wang can follow him and resume her charade. Key virtues arise from these relationships, and are seen to be functioning where moral order, harmonious social relations, and habits of self-cultivation are in evidence in familial, social and political arenas. Given the relatively negative role of women in Confucian social relations, and without a concomitant fem- inization of the body politic and national space, a Confucian appropriation of political morality leaves women especially vulnerable to scapegoating as the causes and carriers of moral decline Hershatter, This aspect of the film, combined with the characterization of a national traitor as a heroine, caused deep concern among some parties involved in film regulation and censorship. One is tempted to say that passion this raw can't be faked, but we're dealing with good actors. This is especially evident during the mahjong game that opens the film. More importantly, the way in which the stories are told are in sharp contrast. Of course, for those thinking this might be a fun way to mix art and sex, keep in mind that the movie is about minutes long. Lust, Caution features a slow seduction of one character by another and the audience by the director. Nor may she escape the social judgements against her released within a context of a highly moralizing contemporary neo-Confucian harmo- nization of social hopes, disappointments and imaginative boundaries Li, These very explicit sequences have attracted both critical admiration and censure. Yee is now the head of the secret service and is a ripe target for elimination. But, on the Mainland, this is the war of national humiliation, which can be neither overlooked nor forgiven. Both are World War II stories that transpire in occupied territories. The first relates to location. The sexual relationship is cathartic but also destructive, premised on fantasies of control over each other, and marked by repeated betrayals. In this and other respects, the entanglement of the lead protagonists challenges the positioning characteristic of a strong national narrative and at the same time prompts textual and ad feminam abuses by state actors in censorship and control. This has earned the NC the nickname of the "kiss of death. In every way, this is an atypical thriller. The bottom line, however, is that the characters reveal more about themselves during the sex scenes than at any other time in the film. Such redoubling is especially crucial for these lovers, whose relationship is scarred by betrayal and renewal As a Taiwanese-educated man in his 50s, the director Ang Lee may not have felt that this was neces- sary.

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  1. As a result, it's impossible to argue that the sex scenes are gratuitous. Given the relatively negative role of women in Confucian social relations, and without a concomitant fem- inization of the body politic and national space, a Confucian appropriation of political morality leaves women especially vulnerable to scapegoating as the causes and carriers of moral decline Hershatter,

  2. Lee, who has never been one to stand pat or rest in a particular genre this is, after all, a filmmaker who has been responsible for such diverse fare as Crouching Tiger, Hulk, and Brokeback Mountain moves fluidly into new territory and conquers it with an ease that is almost breathless.

  3. There are two significant differences, however, and those aspects result in the pictures offering divergent experiences. The first relates to location.

  4. The four women around the table hold a banal conversation while their glances and gestures hint that there's another level of interaction transpiring beneath the surface - especially when Mr.

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