Sex stories my wifes first black

We've been having a few drinks together. Tony asked her if she wanted to dance which she loves to do. I watched in shock as he quickly stripped her clothes off until she was standing there naked before him. She looked at me and said "did you enjoy watching us dance baby? I figured that I could improve our sex life by having us both watch and get better sexually educated by watching some porn flicks. You can't get pregnant by me. It couldn't have been an accident this time," she smiled as she spoke. After all these years, she was finally going to have another man. She kept bending over so he could see her cleavage, touching him, and practically letting him paw her ass checks.

Sex stories my wifes first black

Terry got down on her knees and starting sucking his cock again as he was now fully hard and pulled her up and said are you ready for the best fuck you ever had baby. She reached into his underwear and pulled out his cock. He closed the bedroom door behind himself and once inside he unzipped his fly and pulled out what must have been at least 12 inches of man-meat. This is it, I thought. Tony it seemed was our bull. Then just stopped and laid on her for awhile. Linda was still standing there in awe of his massive black cock holding it in her hands when he became very aggressive. Then he said don't worry I am clean and I will pull out before I cum. Smith you've been so nice to me. Until one day Jane came home with a new friend In any event, our sex life was fine for the first five years and then in the next year, I noticed how it kind of tailed off. She stands about 5'8" tall with long red hair, great C cup boobs, and legs that could wrap around a guy twice. More on some of them later. He was about 8 inches long and still not hard. At one point, I went inside with Jane while she was preparing a fresh round of drinks. Even though they were both half underwater, I could tell Leon had a massive erection from the size of the tent in his shorts. After a few minutes of slowly working himself into her, Leon was finally balls deep in Jane. Jessica is a very hot young lady by anyone's standards. She looked really hot out there and I noticed several guys checking her out. I was about to let my wife live out one of her fantasies. Jane say that she had a black friend who could come over and prove it. Would she have been less upset if she knew he was balling Jane silly just then? My first surprise when Jane introduced Linda to Nate was his size. At least Jane would have a new lover tonight. If this was going to happen, I wanted to have a good buzz. They were both grunting, a combined chorus of "Ahhhs" and "Ohhs" filled the room. My plan for the day was to send Jane to the spa that afternoon, while I shopped and made arrangements for our evening together.

Sex stories my wifes first black

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