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It is revealed in the episode "Three Days of the Kahndo" that Kahn has a brother also living in the US with a family of his own. Despite his gibberish speech, he can sing clearly; he can also speak fluent Spanish and French. He seems to be going somewhat senile and preachy, which Hank misinterprets as old-fashion Western-style wisdom. Compared to Hank who is the ultimate model of a good employee, Buck's vices require Hank to keep an extremely close eye. She is disliked by Minh because of her criticism of Minh's housework skills. Fox was uncertain of the viability of Judge's concept for an animated sitcom based in reality and set in the American South, so the network teamed the animator with Greg Daniels , an experienced prime-time TV writer who had previously worked on The Simpsons. Her companionship temporarily relieved Hank's stress and narrow urethra , allowing him to impregnate Peggy. There her uncle told her she was on her last chance as he was the last relative left in America. He bought the land that was next to the ranch, wanting to take over Montana so that he and everyone else in Hollywood can modernize it.

Redcorn refused to come back to her out of respect for Dale. She has breast implants and suffers from postpartum depression following the birth of Cotton's third son "G. She's kind and hardworking and enjoys housekeeping. While shows great affection towards Minh and Connie, he dislikes Kahn. Luanne originally wanted to name her Lasagna stating that lasagna was their favorite food while under the influence of hospital analgesics, but choosing a more conventional name after she had recovered. She often uses MySpace during work hours and ignored Hank when he asked her for a down to business approach. She was a student at the beauty academy and later at Arlen Community College. The format change also resulted in at least one minor character—Laoma, Kahn's mother—being written out of the show completely, and her relationship with Bill ignored in all future episodes. Kleehammer is portrayed as something of a sexist, having displayed a very negative attitude towards women's sports. Officer Brown voiced by Fred Willard — Officer Brown is a local police officer in Arlen who is not averse to tampering with evidence and taking bribes from illegal food operations, as explained in episodes 20 and 11 respectively of season Dusty enters the car in a demolition derby in which it is badly damaged. He is an avid UFOlogist. She has brown hair and typically wears glasses, an aquamarine sleeveless shirt, and denim culottes , but often wears different outfits. When Peggy Hill "accidentally" picks up a Mexican child as one of the classmates she was taking on school trip across the border, she harasses Peggy Hill during her attempt to return the child. After being rehired as an accountant, Donna takes down the blogs and rearranges it to a down to business approach like Hank wanted. Although friendly, gentle, lovable, and generally well-liked, he is not very bright and often prone to making bad decisions. Bug is actually gay and had been flirting with a Filipino caterer instead, and, upon sensing Dale's imminent entry into the room, attempted to hide his orientation from his son by grabbing and kissing 'the nearest thing in a dress'. Elroy "Lucky" Kleinschmidt voiced by Tom Petty — Lucky is Luanne's itinerant, but generally benign redneck husband, and is the father of Luanne's child. The first Donna appears, albeit infrequently, as an overweight, dark-skinned woman, most notably in " Meet the Propaniacs ". Judge and Daniels' reduced involvement with the show resulted in the series' format turning more episodic and formulaic. Though she is often mentioned during the course of the series, she appears only in the episode "Leanne's Saga," visiting Luanne in Arlen after her release from prison and briefly being courted by Bill Dauterive. When she was arguing with a man named Donald, Hank decides to intervene and Tammi explains that Donald took her money, making Hank demand that Donald returns the money. The episode "Leanne's Saga" reveals that Hoyt was planning on marrying a pharmacist girl before Leanne, then working as a stripper, entertained at his bachelor party. Enrique ends up moving in with the Hills for a short time eventually developing a pathological attachment to the Hill family, but quickly patches things up with his wife after a fed-up Hank kicks him out. Collete fires them both despite an impassioned speech by Luanne about acceptance and is not seen again until appearing in a non-speaking role during the episode "Lucky's Wedding Suit. He is very traditional and moral, and he takes exceptionally good care of his dog, Ladybird, which he treats, more often than not, as a member of the family and as a human.

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  1. Her strained relationship with her mother is a source of drama for her. Early in the series, the Souphanousinphones, an upper-middle class Laotian family, move in next-door to the Hills.

  2. Hank mentions voting for him and having no regrets about it even though he has expressed disappointment with his performance. Chuck Mangione voiced by Himself — Chuck is a famous jazz trumpeter and flugelhorn player, and his hit song "Feels So Good" is played frequently on the show.

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