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We obviously need a small but knowledgeable medical staff to screen our Guests, and then of course we have additional personnel associated with transportation, food and beverage purchases, sex slave acquisitions and the like. Our associates in Calcutta, Istanbul, Singapore or wherever are constantly on the lookout for appropriate girls, age four or five years old, to buy or kidnap for us. While often a Guest will select a sex partner from among the females available in the Compound, he can also arrange for a specific girl to be summoned by using the computer terminal in his suite. The aircraft is outfitted with first-class accommodations throughout the accessible portion of the passenger section and comfortably seats around one hundred twenty-six persons, including a small staff of male flight attendants. Each seat is equipped with a video screen, and passengers may choose from a variety of audio and video entertainment options. Oh, the girls may have been a bit better dressed, and the whorehouses were perhaps kept a bit cleaner.

Sonali home economics free sex video

And may I ask just how profitable Island Royale is? Her wardrobe, which was hardly flattering, and the rather automatic manner in which she conducted her duties as bellhop surprised me somewhat, as I guess I had expected my female attendant to have been provocatively attired and to have submissively offered herself to me immediately upon my arrival. John-Boy and Alexis, neither of whom are on the island right now, are in charge of acquiring new slaves and disposing of our unwanted culls. We obviously need a small but knowledgeable medical staff to screen our Guests, and then of course we have additional personnel associated with transportation, food and beverage purchases, sex slave acquisitions and the like. The overall management of Island Royale served as an appropriate starting point for my interview with Greg, conducted in his large but surprisingly modestly appointed administrative office overlooking the Compound and deep blue South Sea waters beyond. What would you like to do? During that first year, before her formal education begins, all we expect from a girl is that she become accustomed to her nudity and comfortable being touched and fondled by men. Structurally, the hotel is constructed in the shape of a softly curved crescent, with each end of the building bending gently to the east. Assorted walkways bridge these canals, enabling one to reach any section of the Compound with relative ease. Bollywood Hungama considered him as a gifted actor. The reason for the duplicate corridors, I was to learn, is to enable the maintenance staff to service the complex without inconveniencing the Guests and to provide Management, as well as the sex staff, the ability to reach any part of the hotel without encountering delays. When she had finished she turned, descended the ladder with her empty plastic bucket, and disappeared. Island Royale is indeed the paradise you have longed for. Besides, a Guest who accepts his rejection gracefully knows he will receive another invitation to visit the resort once his medical issue has been successfully addressed. They may be only a few weeks old, but already a few of the males in the litter will be seen demonstrating mounting activities. Some appeared to be no more than five or six years old. What they do know on an unconscious level, though, is that by letting the older males play with their bodies, they can in turn rely upon those males to provide for and protect them. Spreading her nether lips, I carefully removed the room key she carried in her vagina. And so I shall. You have embarked upon the trip of a lifetime. Do you simply send them right out into the Compound after that first year? A few — but only a few — of the women you see around here have been assigned permanently to the general maintenance staff. At Island Royale, there are but three simple rules that must be strictly observed at all times. But what we found was that the girl would be rather nervous about her first mounting, the Guest really excited, and invariably it seemed he would simply just want to jump on top of her, ram his dick up her twat as quickly as possible, fuck her hard and come. As an aside, I had also sought to address some of the more obvious logistical difficulties involved in establishing and maintaining a secret organization premised upon the sexual exploitation of women in this modern age of international travel, the Internet, global positioning satellites and instant telecommunications — problems, frankly, that never seem to be adequately addressed in these website stories but yet must be satisfactorily resolved unless the reader is to be expected to wholly abandon all physical and political realities.

Sonali home economics free sex video

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