The great work gnosticism alchemy sex

This is done in a gradual manner and with an open mind. Transmutation Sexual transmutation through the practice of sexual alchemy has often been referred to in Gnosis as working in the "Ninth Sphere. The alchemical gold is also a symbol for the spirit inside the human being. These two ganglionic cords are known in the Orient as Ida and Pingala. The existential superior bodies of the Being are nothing more than Mercury fertilized by Sulphur. The wise Huiracocha, in another paragraph of his immortal work entitled the GnosticChurch, says: Thus, with the sexual energy we can form within ourselves the Christ or the Devil. Both the dry mercury and the arsenified sulphur are dissolved by working first of all psychologically, that is, using self-observation and comprehension then appealing to our particular individual Divine Mother or the feminine aspect of our interior Divinity to reduce them to dust.

The great work gnosticism alchemy sex

We were those ineffable Logoi, who in the dawn of life fecundated the Chaos with our Sacred Fire, so that the seed plot of the cosmos could sprout from within the waters of life. A complete study of alchemy, the Ninth Sphere, the Kundalini, and the merits of the heart involves a great deal of further explanation, much more than can be presented in just a few paragraphs. When the soldiers of Nebuchadnezzar entered the sanctum sanctorum of the Temple of Solomon, they became frightened before the terrific symbol of the Great Arcanum. The couples knew to withdraw on time to avoid spilling the Sacred Wine. Whoever awakens it and makes it rise through the spinal cord receives the Flaming Sword and then enters Eden. These two elements have been the artifices of the macrocosm and the microcosm. They are fragments of our essence trapped or conditioned to think, feel and act in very particular ways. Then, it burns as an ineffable flame. Esotericism tells us that this can be done only seven times, because if one does this more than seven times one falls under a curse. That Fire dwells in the electrons. The fire purifies the air, the air purifies the water, and the water purifies the earth with the continuous movement of the fire. To synthesize, Gold becomes perfect Mercury. It is also necessary for it to be reborn through the path of regeneration by retrogradation. Only with Sexual Magic we can give birth within us to the Christic Astral. Joining hearts and hands across the electronic Gnostic world Alchemy, the Kundalini and the Merits of the Heart Alchemy today is often referred to as the mother of chemistry. The great priests of Egypt, ancient inheritors of the archaic wisdom, which the Atlanteans cultivated, represented the great God Ibis of Thoth with the virile member in a state of erection. The valise that you handed over to me had in it close to one million dollars. The Path of Tao includes three ways, being itself the fourth. There, at those profundities, one must descend to extract the Light of the Sages. Really, this is the fatal fortune that awaits those who do not know how to take advantage of the precious treasure of the Great Arcanum. Conclusion We can conclude this topic of the Sulphur and the Mercury using the three following points. Donate to support the publication of a print edition. We Have Sulphur and we Don't However, a part of that sexual fire that we have is conditioned in lust and a smaller part is free. We do not need to become fakirs for the first way, nor monks for the second, nor scholars for the third. When the Hermes Glass is spilled, then the metallic Spirit is melted.

The great work gnosticism alchemy sex

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