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With the slightest shift of position, we can completely change what we see. Shot during a cloudy day in the streets of Fes, Morocco. Two tired office workers taking a short break in Beijing's most bustling CBD area. Singaporeans out in force to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday. A Chinese woman sitting by the window of a shop in China town of San Francisco.

Video dublin girl gang sex alley

An itinerant balloon seller in the streets of Jerusalem. Late night in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Double exposure of an elaborate Morris dancer's hat and a British sports car wheel. The project is being documented through my Instagram. A man giving an impromptu sermon on a ferry boat in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. During the Philippine Independence Day Celebration, female cops await for the raising of the huge flag. Our international jury selected the official winners and finalists for the competition—a truly remarkable group of photographs that you should also see in their entirety. A good street photograph connects you to the world but also has the power to disconnect you at the same time. This district of Mexico City El Centro is a mixture of well kept historical sights and contemporary miseries. When I cross interesting street people I simply ask for their portrait. A student at the University of Technology in Sydney, texts on his way to class. With the slightest shift of position, we can completely change what we see. Through the narrow streets of Canosa's old town, a group of black-dressed women the Sorrowfuls or sorrow women , with head covered by a veil, follow the statue of the Sorrow Virgin. A Chinese woman sitting by the window of a shop in China town of San Francisco. Chinatown late on a Friday night in Sydney, Australia. The combination of graffiti, the sculpture of Maria and the crucifix in the background made this place feel a bit surrealistic. I could barely walk without feeling drunk of the metropolis. I liked the way he looked, his creme colored shirt, which looked quite similar to the background. Early in the morning i was walking in the street and found that dog on that pink wall. Bou Saada, Algeria, Some people stay on the bridge to catch a small glimpse while others run towards the buildings to get closer to the fireworks. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. You have to look at every single person. I took that picture last december in Trinidad, Cuba. San Francisco, US, Dressed in national red on their multicoloured picnic mats.

Video dublin girl gang sex alley

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