White men having sex with latino women

But it seems that a one-size-fits-all notion of what constitutes healthy expression of gay identity is not viable. The study findings suggest that Latinos in the US have insufficient knowledge about vasectomy to consider it as a birth control method. Most of the data that we have on gay identity and coming out at least in psychological research is from gay whites men, in particular. The tak away message: The Latin lady is, to us simple northern European types, something of a mystery.

White men having sex with latino women

Negative Condom Attitudes Attitudes about condom use were measured with a four-item scale adapted from the Seropositive Urban Men's Survey and the Urban Men's Health Study Parsons, ; Stall, and consisted of the following items: Some scholars suggest that verbal disclosure as a coming out strategy works primarily within a white and male framework and is the best strategy for gay white men. We suggest that verbal disclosure is good for gay white men. And for whom does this strategy work? The primary dependent variables for the present analysis were two questions assessing unprotected sexual intercourse without disclosure of HIV status; participants were instructed to respond based on their sexual behavior within the past 5 years, and only since they learned that they were HIV-positive. Religion is generally a force for family harmony, and African Americans attend church more often than anyone. Results Descriptive Statistics for Sociodemographics, Psychosocial Factors, and Sexual Behaviors Table 1 shows the sociodemographic characteristics of the sample. Black family fragility is in some ways surprising. But this pattern did not hold for gay Latino men. Our data analysis shows that socioeconomic factors account for a substantial portion of the Latino—white divide in nonmarital childbearing. Finally, ill-conceived public policies—such as drug laws that have had a disparate impact upon blacks, or means-tested programs that penalize marriage among lower-income couples—have tragically injured black family life. When it comes to nonmarital childbearing and divorce, we are able to identify some structural factors, such as income and education, and some cultural factors, such as attitudes and sexual behavior, that account for a substantial share of the racial divide. The paradox resides in the fact that Latinos generally have less education and income than do whites. Only 54 percent of the Latino respondents stated they knew what a vasectomy was compared with 96 percent of the white respondents. The study findings suggest that Latinos in the US have insufficient knowledge about vasectomy to consider it as a birth control method. All of these dynamics have operated in concert to take a serious toll on black families. For instance, we changed the instrument to allow for up to two primary partners one male and one female; or one transgender and one male or female and up to four casual male and female partners. By Adrian Villicana May 12 5: But when it comes to nonmarital childbearing, Latinos are vulnerable. Seventy percent of African Americans aged 18 to 55 consider themselves moderately or very religious, compared to 61 percent of Latinos and 52 percent of whites. Potential participants were screened via phone. Income categories were based on the federal poverty guidelines, which are often used by AIDS service organizations to establish program participation. Addressing norms for condom use and disclosure between male partners is recommended, especially for homosexually identified MSMW. There was little endorsement of items designed to elicit the masculinity issue or the association of vasectomy with impotence. This has undercut the economic foundations of black family life. Some research shows that gay Puerto Rican and gay Dominican men in New York City do not necessarily verbally disclose their gay identity to family and friends but instead disclose nonverbally and behaviorally.

White men having sex with latino women

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