Why is my sex so average

Women's effort should begin with herself- make the effort to feel good about yourself or attractive, whatever that takes for you. Some people even think marriage itself is the culprit for the lack of sex. Don't be another stressor or remind her how long it's been since you've had sex. While men feel the pressure of fatherhood, a woman is going through much more, physically and emotionally. A little fantasizing does a woman's brain wonders.

Why is my sex so average

We need to consistently evaluate who and what can fulfill our needs- it's not all our spouse's responsibility. Don't take anything for granted. A woman feels most attracted to a strong, not necessarily physical, but supportive man- even if a woman is strong and independent, she still wants to know her man represents a safe place to fall. A man will say he is tired and simply be done with his day. That's not a fair question for men to ask. Where's the Person I Married? We have to do things we hate for the other person's sake and give up the competition, while working on becoming a team. In addition, pour on the romance occasionally without even attempting to get her in bed. Insist that your wife has time for herself sans baby or children. No competition- sorry guys. You are perfectly full and complete. The way a woman views her man is crucial to her sexual feelings toward him. Men, if you put out effort, your wife may put out too. Women have a bottomless reserve of giving, and giving, for their children- it's an instinct. For the partner that feels betrayed and the one who feels underwhelmed about the loss of sexual encounters within their marriage, it really is normal, not great, but normal. But a woman will keep on giving to her children, past the point of exhaustion. Keep in mind that a decent sex life takes work, there is no quick fix. She may not have anything left, but somehow if her children need more or are sick, she digs deep down in her bottomless reserve and gives more. Men can be guilty of pushing sex aside too. You may need to flip a coin to determine who starts the giving. Or maybe we changed so much that our attractions varied as well. The good news is your spouse was probably attracted to you for several reasons initially so maintain a few of those attractive features and traits to keep your spouse dazzled by you. Women can be known to put sex on the back burner, but usually because we have all burners going at once, typically thinking about 20 things simultaneously and sex gets shuffled around in the mix. First, the needs should be communicated in the most respectful way with your partner- no attacking or blaming. The practice of doing something for yourself makes you more willing to do something for someone else.

Why is my sex so average

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What is the Average Amount of Sex in Marriage?

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  1. For women who can't find the inspiration to have sex with their husbands, here is one incentive: You would like to acknowledge your partner's needs, but they aren't compatible with your needs or maybe you feel like you can't give more sex unless you get some of your other, non-sexual needs met.

  2. There is nothing in the marriage vows about being eternally attracted to your spouse- sad but true. The best thing to do is be an example- stop eating junk around her or focusing activities around eating.

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