Why should sports be sex segragated

China, India, Korean, Russia etc. In each sport, it would be possible to identify the characteristics which make up a successful athletes and create categories based on those rather than on sex. We suggest that in able-bodied sport, it would similarly make sense to remove the label of male or female and replace it with categories based on the ability of bodies to move in that particular sport. While you occasionally will see females excel in wrestling, this is very rare, and more often than not, the female competition results in other issues. At the end of the day, segregating athletes on the basis of their gender is surely a good thing. Each one is going to have a mixture of people with different strengths and abilities. Finally, in an endurance sport, athletes could be classified according to muscle mass and lung capacity. While weight classes in some sports allow smaller athletes a chance at success, there is no such consideration for other traits, such as height.

Why should sports be sex segragated

However, several studies have found that the more men play against women , the more they come to accept that women can be good athletes, which suggests it is worth pursuing. Fourth, rather embarrassingly for her thesis, what Kerr overlooks is that while the Paralympics distinguishes between athletes of varying functional ability, they have not obliterated all distinctions between men and women. Males are generally the more athletic, and more durable, competitor, and this makes a substantial difference in sports, which is why the genders are separated. Got something to add? At the end of the day, segregating athletes on the basis of their gender is surely a good thing. So in essence, if sports are not separated by gender, then females would universally have to up their level of competition, which would inevitably lessen the amount of female athletes. Fair play at the Olympics: And while occasionally there will be an incident involving an individual whose genetic make-up makes their gender more difficult to determine, with increased medical technologies is becoming easier to resolve. Sporting companies target their audiences using clear cut demographics relating to gender. The risk of injury is also much higher for females, and this would undoubtedly translate to football if females were allowed to play. In addition, the female athletes that remained would be forced to work harder to earn the same physical achievements, and the risk of female injury would be much higher. We are not used to men competing against women. It really depends on which particular sport you are attempting to discuss, as they all have different physical requirements. In the s, the classification system changed to one that was based on functional ability rather than on medical conditions. But it is not considered unfair for other athletes to compete against them, as it would be if their weight were too high or they were men rather than women. In another example, in sports such as high jump, volleyball and basketball, athletes could be classified according to muscle mass and height. Join the discussion and comment below. Apparently, it was so popular that entries sold out and they had to turn people away. In fact, I even looked around the coffee shop in which I was sitting to see if anyone was up in arms about it. I was holidaying in the NSW beachside town of Forster recently and came across a front-page article in The Great Lakes Advocate celebrating an all-female triathlon. Wrestling is a grappling sport, and all it takes is one wrong hold for a parent to be offended by the way a young man is executing a maneuver on their daughter. In our research we argue that one way to move beyond problematic gender barriers is to eradicate sex segregation completely and replace it with a system similar to that used in Paralympic sport. On a commercial level, it would involve dismantling international marketing strategies with countries that would never accept the new genderless model — i. China, India, Korean, Russia etc. But that is the subject of a future article. What to read next.

Why should sports be sex segragated

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Women and men are equal in whichever sport they play

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